About Us

Corporate Rent A Car is a North American company founded in 2008 and based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The company provides car rental and Luxury car rental services to leisure & business travelers, dealer replacement and Insurance replacements. We have an established reputation for providing top quality and luxury vehicles and service at competitive prices that not only meets, but exceeds our customer's expectations.

Corporate Rent A Car and the Corporate Luxury brand continues to expand throughout North America in order to service our expanding customer base and we exhibit excellent customer service at every turn! Our intimate knowledge of the industry combined with unique dealer relationships allows us to offer a diverse fleet of vehicles at an extremely competitive price. For our Luxury Brand, we partnered with mainstream brands associated with superb quality: BMW, MERCEDES, AUDI, CADILLAC, LEXUS, INFINITI, ACURA.

Our leadership team takes a hands-on approach to the business ensuring that our core values are implemented at every departmental level. Continually growing and evolving, we are dedicated to moving with the times, thereby implementing new programs and specials regularly to ensure we are keeping up with what our clients need despite changing times.

CEO's Message

We created Corporate Rent-a-Car in Toronto, Ontario with a clear aim - to fill the gap in the car rental industry by making premium and luxury vehicles available for hire to exceptional clients, and provide an equally exceptional personalized and high-quality service. I see my role as Chief Executive Officer as that of being the prime motivator to protect and improve our image, to maintain our high standards and to guarantee impeccable service. We are constantly seeking ways to innovative ourselves to meet the evolving transportation needs of our customers. We are driven by an internal organizational tenet...ONE TEAM...ONE DREAM.

Our company is founded on a philosophy of core values of service, quality, respect, responsibility and availability. These values reflect our desire to serve our clients, our staff and our community at the highest level and to adhere to a set of standards of excellence and professionalism. I believe that our positive thoughts and attitudes are the key factors that lead to improvements in our world. The actions we take based upon these motivations are what makes the real difference. With this in mind, I send you a message of thanks, hope, friendship, tolerance and peace.


We run an honest and ethical business. We value the reputation we have earned since opening in 2014, and will do whatever it takes to uphold that. We know unforeseen events happen whether it be vehicle breakdowns, customers returning late or something more serious, if these events did occur we will make sure you are kept informed and work as hard a humanly possible to make it right.


We offer a variety standard and luxury cars as well as different experiences. Our goal is to give as many options as possible to experience our luxury cars exactly the way YOU want. From Honda, Toyota, Nissan, GM, Ford and Chrysler...to Porsche, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes&helips; and lately Tesla. We have the right vehicle to suit everyone's tastes.


We are fully insured. We do not lie to our insurer or hide the fact that we’re a vehicle rental company. It costs us more but means we will be around for the long haul.


We’re car guys. We are in this business because we love cars and we love seeing the expressions on our clients’ faces when we hand the keys over. We want to share the love we have for these vehicles with you.


Value isn’t the first thing you think of when renting a luxury or prestige car. But we understand this business and we’re here to give you the best possible experience and service at the lowest possible price. We don’t waste money but we also don’t cut corners. Nor will we fight you over cents, we are not going to charge you if you show up 20 minutes late.


Lots of people call and ask “what’s the catch?” or “what am I missing?” There is no catch, everything you need to know is listed here on our website. There are no hidden fees. Our 'All IN' pricing model is simple, effective and engenders trust for our clients

Core Values

A commitment to operate with integrity

We will satisfy all obligations with our customers, employees and business partners. We will conduct our business with extraordinary standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behavior.

A commitment to innovation and excellence

We will strive to innovate using the latest technologies and pursue new ideas to deliver the best customer experience.

A commitment to have high performing team

We will strive to attract, develop and retain the best employees for our business, motivate our employees to provide excellent service to our customers, and nurture a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

A commitment to the Community

We will be active members in our communities and encourage employee involvement in charitable activities. We will be role model business leaders in the countries and communities in which we operate. We will develop and implement business practices consistent with safeguarding the environment.